Our specialist mortgage repossession team has previously had exposure to dealing with in excess of 1000 mortgage repossession matters at court. We would strongly encourage anyone who is potentially facing repossession of their property by a secured lender to obtain immediate advice from our team.

The team can assist you in any of the following areas:

  • Contacting the lender to discuss your matter
  • Completing an Income and Expenditure form
  • Drafting defences
  • Negotiating affordable agreements
  • Talking through the court process
  • Arranging attendance at court

Please contact our team on 01529 406097 or directly via our contact form, to discuss your requirements and to obtain a no obligation quote.

NB. Once you are a client of ELMS Legal, we offer free initial assitance in all our other departments. This we have found very helpful to clients when they need a quick chat with one of our Lawyers/Legal Professionals for some reasurrance.